The Legend of Dainte

Dainte is an exclusive designer of magnificent luxury designed home decor in USA that is made for decoration and will enhance the space of any location public and private. We began in 2001 when we introduced our luxury line of crystal figurines and sculptures to the world. Today we have expanded our designs to include exquisite home décor and lighting. Our name has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication as we offer only the most unique and contemporary designs imaginable. Each piece that we craft is an exceptional work of art that will be a showpiece of rare quality and creativity. Our highly skilled and talented designers are dedicated to creating the most radiant crystal designs that will add a touch of elegance and splendor to any space. We will also gladly work with you to create a customized luxury designed home decor in USA to meet any need you may have.

Desk Partner

The unique metal design of each piece is folded into a space housing a crystal. The metal reflection and crystal refraction have a luminous effect, which together forge a highlight moment for the desk work environment. This collection consists of tray, business card holder, and bookends.

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Our Branch Collection is both dazzling and mesmerizing to behold. Our brilliant designers with immense knowledge on luxury designed home decor in USA have merged clear crystal mixed with acrylic and organic wooden branches to create distinctive and elegantly artful furniture designs that you will not see anywhere else. These refined and charming tables, chairs, and stools will pair well with any décor and add a touch of finesse to your home or office space etc.

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Our Leaf Collection from luxury designed home decor in USA is a magical work of art in illuminations. These magnificent light fixtures and wall scones are adorned with delicate crystal acrylic leaves that give life to the light that is produced. Luxuriously sophisticated and breathtaking to behold, these fixtures will add elegance and refinement to any location.

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