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Founded in 2002, Dainte has steadily gained recognition for its new-wave designs and concept statements in lighting and office décor.

Dainte’s core capability – transferring the power and design of crystal into uniquely-crafted lifestyle pieces – has placed the design company as one of the most prestigious brands in customized crystal innovations.

Dainte debuted its innovative design offering at the ICFF Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City in May 2019. The Dainte flagship line showcased the next step forward for luxury interior design, creating pieces that not only carried an identity but also told a story.

The fashion-forward look and feel of Dainte’s innovations are rooted in the broad range of rich materials used. Each carefully-selected, one of a kind accessory contributes to each exceptional décor and inspired design. The finished product provides a luxury experience of high-caliber material expression.

Dainte believes that each part should be contracted and selected as vital contributions to a compelling whole. One of the most essential components of Dainte designs is crystal. Crystals are known to have underlying powers, carrying a center energy capable of engaging the human senses. To elevate the interior design experience, Dainte has made crystal a central nuance of its design capabilities.

Combining expertise in crystal with other complementary materials, Dainte has stepped forward to present the world with a completely redefined interior design experience when it comes to balancing the elegant powers that harmonize lifestyle.

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Dainte’s Design Philosophy

Design is so much more than the physical construction of a space or object. True design is a beautiful combination of storytelling, craftsmanship, and feeling.

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