Custom Crystal Creations

Custom Crystal Creations

Our elegant and sophisticated custom crystal creations in the USA, are ideal for donor recognition events, custom corporate gatherings, groundbreaking ceremonies, and for all your additional gifting and recognition needs. For whatever purpose you have, our collection will help you fulfill it and you will be complimented for your aesthetic taste.

Dainte’s team of highly skilled designers are dedicated to creating unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are custom designed for your gift-giving needs.

Custom Crystal Creations Production Process

To produce an architectural replica with our crystal creations in the USA, we use photographs, drawings, and design elevations of the actual building. We can also use blueprints from your project that are in the process of being constructed. According to the pictures you provide us, we recreate the most accurate design possible. Upon receiving all detailed image files, a deposit is required to begin work on your project. Within ten days of submitting your deposit, we will provide you with a drawing for review and final approval or you may request modifications on the crystal creations if need requested.

Below are examples of drawings we created as a part of the production process and custom orders.

To learn more about customizing please contact us at
or call us at 845 202 0042

Rhyme Capsule Boombox

The Rhyme Capsule™ Boombox is manufactured by us for the artist David Max Schwartz. The piece is made up of  96 pieces of crystals. Permanently sealed inside the capsule wall are 180 authentic hiphop tapes.

GET IN TOUCH: / 845 202 0042

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