Leaf Collection

As our collection is synonymous to luxury and sophistication, you will feel it in our each and every offering. Our customers have a special preference for our leaf collection. Our Leaf Collection is a magical work of art in illuminations. These magnificent luxury wall lamps in the USA and wall sconces are adorned with delicate crystal acrylic leaves that give life to the light that is produced. Luxuriously sophisticated and breathtaking to behold, these fixtures will add elegance and refinement to any location.

We liberate you to choose from our variants of this collection which will give your home a definition. You can choose from the hanging variants, wall mounted and standing ones according to your needs and preferences. The hanging ones are best suited for the ceiling, you can literally place the wall mounted one at any blank side of your wall and the standing one are best to complement your living area beside the seating arrangement you have. Our talented designers create it with two leaves’ design and a bunch of it as well. The size will vary among small leaf lamps, medium and large one. Per your requirements, you can choose the best one.

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